Homeowner Amenities & Recreation

On Murphy-Larsen, the two-legged, horse and ski trails are extensive. And with the surrounding National Forest, access to area recreational opportunities is unlimited.

Hunting on North Murphy-Larsen can be arranged with a nearby hunting outfitter.

Summertime hiking, riding, and biking on the ranch trails leads through tall grass hay meadows to aspen/fern forest to the cool shade of the evergreens. The crisp winter air and deep powder snow become tangible during a snowshoe hike or cross-country ski trip up to Pete’s Cabin.

Horseback riding on Murphy-Larsen Ranch is exceptional, not only because of the available trails but because of the views and varying terrain. With access to National Forest, riders can enjoy long trail rides without having to trailer off property.

A new dressage arena near Owen’s Cabin provides an excellent area for all kinds of training. With state-of-the-art footing, our arena in the sky is an excellent place to legup your horse or train for competition. The arena is a perfect location for local shows and events.