Site 2 - Owen's Cabin

Nestled in an aspen grove, this 50 acre site overlooks Owens Pond and is the site for “Owen’s Cabin.” It functions as the Ranch's clubhouse.  Named for Owen Murphy, who homesteaded the Murphy-Larsen ranch, and currently in design by Robert Hawkins of Hawkins architects, the Owen's Cabin is envisioned as as a warm and welcoming gathering space for MLR owners, their children and guests.

Set conveniently within the greater expanse of the Murphy-Larsen Ranch, it is intended to be an inviting common space for homeowners to gather before a ride, a ski, or a hike, and a place to relax with friends and family after a day’s adventure. The site is accessible by vehicle, by horse or by foot. In the winter owners may ski or snowshoe down to the cabin through the aspen groves, kick off their gear on the cabin’s deck and warm to a wood-fire inside. Riders returning late in the evening can return to the glow of the fire as they walk a gentle path uphill from the equestrian area and tack barn towards happy gatherings above.

Throughout the seasons, Owen’s Cabin is a space designed for events either planned, spontaneous or somewhere in between: impromptu birthday celebrations, round-robin ping-pong tournaments, snowshoed marriage proposals, evening fly-tying sessions, a game of cards, a night of music or a candlelit anniversary or the quiet contemplation of a life well-lived.

Murphy Larsen Ranch Owens Cabin Interior image Murphy Larsen Ranch Owens Cabin Clubhouse deck image Murphy Larsen Ranch Owens Cabin Clubhouse living room kitchen image